The Seattle Club annual conference on intellectual and developmental disabilities will be held at Durham University on 18th and 19th December 2017 and will be hosted by the Centre for Developmental Disorders at Durham.

The 17th annual Seattle Club conference for research on intellectual and developmental disabilities will take place at Durham University and will be hosted by the Centre for Developmental Disorders. The event is being held in the Department of Psychology on the city centre campus within easy reach of travel networks, hotels, and city centre facilities.


Submission of abstracts

Registration for the Conference is dependent upon being an author of an accepted abstract. All abstracts should be submitted using the form on the website. Electronic abstract submission is open and the deadline for submissions is Friday 22nd September 2017.
Abstract submision form

Please note that the forms are not submitting correctly in some browsers. Apologies if you are affected. If you are unable to submit using the forms please submit an abstract directly to seattle.club17@durham.ac.uk. The abstract should have the form Title, Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions; abstarcts should be of no more than 250 words, not including the title. Please include names, email contact, and affiliation for all authors and a telephone number and address for the lead author. Please also indicate whether you would prefer the submission to be considered as a poster, an oral presentation or as either of these.

We anticipate approximately 70-90 delegates will attend the conference. Conference registration will take place at 10am on Monday 18th December 2017. Each day will include a number of talks and poster sessions (there will be a prize for the best poster). The delegate cost remains unchanged from last year’s conference at £99 which includes the registration fee, lunch and refreshments, and a two-course evening meal on Monday 18th December at Collingwood College, Durham University. There will also be an opportunity to continue discussions after the meal with social drinks continuing in a city centre pub that will be identified nearer the time.

Visit England provides travel and visitor information for the local area. The conference organisers will also provide a list of local hotels nearer the time, when registration opens.




Registration fee is £99 per person to include conference registration (2 days), lunches and refreshments, as well as a two-course evening meal at Collingwood College, Durham University on Day One. Places are limited at the conference and registration (for those who are eligible) will be allocated on a first-come basis. Registration will involve completion of an online booking and payment form which will be provided once the abstract outcome has been announced in early October 2017. No place can be reserved or booked without payment having been made. Lead authors will be asked to forward the registration form to all co-authors who may wish to attend. Registration will be announced as soon as the abstract outcomes are available and will close on Friday 17th November 2017.


Studentships for 2017

As a general rule only those with their names on an accepted submission can attend Seattle Club conferences. The exception is the 5 places we have available for studentships in 2017.
The studentships are intended for PhD students at the beginning of their projects and similar 'early stages' researchers (including clinicians developing their research, trainees in professions related to intellectual disabilities, research assistants on new projects…) such individuals will be interested in and committed to research in the field but will not yet have completed a study from which they can present data (and whose name does not appear on a poster or oral presentation). Any person named as an author on a poster/paper abstract submission who is also put forward for a studentship will be excluded from the studentship draw. It is also not possible to add names to abstract submissions at a later date to ensure that individuals can register for the conference when not successful with a studentship submission.
Studentships are bursaries that will cover the full registration costs but not travel or accommodation. Applications should be made using the application form on the Studentships web page.
Seattle Club Studentship application
In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of studentships available, names will be drawn from a hat to decide the award of the studentships. Applications are open, the deadline for submission is Friday 22nd September 2017.

Please note that the forms are not submitting correctly in some browsers. Apologies if you are affected. If you are unable to submit using the forms please submit directly to R.Hastings@warwick.ac.uk. The submission should be made by student's supervisor. Please include the name of the person submitting the application, the email of the person submitting the application, the name, email, affiliation and address of the proposed studentship holder. Please include a supporting statement by person submitting application (please confirm that the proposed studentship holder is an 'early stage' researcher, that they currently have no data to submit for presentation at the conference, and provide a brief description of their [proposed] field of research study. This description will be included in the Abstracts Book for successful applicants).

General Seattle Club Conference Information

Following the established tradition of the conference:

  • All participants must submit a poster or paper that describes the results of a research project (qualitative or quantitative) on intellectual and / or developmental disabilities. You must be an active and contributing researcher.
  • The only exceptions to this rule are made for PhD students at the beginning of their projects and other ‘early career’ researchers who have not yet had the opportunity to complete a study (via the award of a studentship).
  • All papers and posters must include the analysis of unpublished data.
  • Each participant is only allowed to submit one poster or paper where they are the first author/presenter.
  • There are no parallel sessions during the conference.
  • All information is electronically distributed to keep costs as low as possible.
  • All participants who want to attend, whether first author or co-author, must register and pay in advance of the conference.
  • The Seattle Club conference is only open to residents from the UK and Ireland.


Further information

Seattle Club 2017 is being hosted by members of the Centre for Developmental Disorders – for further information please see

If you have any queries regarding the conference, please email:seattleclub17@durham.ac.uk

Organising Committee: Debbie Riby, Mary Hanley, Emily Grew, Emine Gurbuz, Marie Alkan, Liz Jones, Elise Ng-Cordell Cornelly, Ellen Ridley

Dr Debbie Riby

Department of Psychology

Durham University

South Road